A Group of Very Professional Creators

DASA! is a group made up of the following losers

Flay!trackmaker, record producer
(Fuck you Flay!)

Sakanfishdumb bitch, draws anime titties

Da Wi-Fishitposter, sketch/line artist

BGM and Arrangements

Original BGM Loop (2/2)$120USD per minuteMix and Mastering (1/3)
For your weeb cover needs
TV Size: $35USD
Full Song: $50USD

Stream Alerts (0/5)
$15/Per Alert

Original Arrangement (1/1)Includes mixed and mastered instrumentals for your original song + vocal mix and master
(No tune and time)
$135USD/Per Minute

Remix Arrangement (2/2)Includes mixed and mastered instrumentals in the requested genre and vibe + vocal mix and master (No tune and time)$110USD/Per Minute

Commercial usage: additional 50%

Art and Illustrations

Bust-Up $200USD (0/3)
Full Body $400USD (1/1)
Chibi $250USD New!
NSFW Sketches for $50USD ;)
(Other NSFW is an additional 50%)

Additional fee for complex details, only simple backgrounds.

Illustrations $750+ (Closed)

Pricing depends on the request,
Please dm on Twitter to recieve a quote.
For commercial use, additional fees will be addedAll illustration and bust pieces are done by sakanfish

Hello Pervert


Make sure no one is behind you lmaoBust-Up $300USD (0/3)
Full Body $600USD (1/1)
NSFW Sketches for $50USD ;)

Pricing depends on the request,
Please dm on Twitter to recieve a quote.
For commercial use, additional fees will be addedAll nsfw pieces are done by sakanfish

Live2D Model Commissions (0/2)

Starting pricesFull: $1200USD-
Bust: $1000USD-

Can do:
Hot people

Can't do:
Complex Designs
Muscle Machos
Facial hair

DOES NOT INCLUDE RIGGINGMust have character references ready.
Pricing is for individuals.
Sketches and lining will be done by Da Wi-Fi,
while shading will be done by Sakanfish

Terms And Conditions

General Rules:Always credit the individual in charge of your commission when in use. Do not claim it as your own.All commissions will be showcased on Twitter or worked on in stream unless specified otherwise privately.Do not try to sell/resell the tracks/art/models. If commission is to be made into merchandise, you are to tell us so we can discuss additional fees.We have the right to decline any requests if we feel we are unable to fulfill.Commissions have no guarantee complete time. To see the progress or waitlist for commissions, please check the Trello.If there is a set deadline you need the commission by, there is a 50% rush fee charge.Revisions past the sketch stage will be charged.Be a decent human being.No refunds.By commissioning us, you have agreed upon these terms and conditions

VTuber Model Specific:Includes:PSD file with the model, parts separated and ready for a riggerBlush/ AEOU mouth references/ closed eyesNo rigging is includedAdd-ons:Extra body parts/ any extra expressions/ excessive accessories may include an additional feeRules:Vtuber models must be credited with the Twitter account @DasaiPro in descriptions/bios/about pages.Payments will be split, the first being after the initial sketch to Da Wi-Fi.The second half after the base colouring and lineart is completed to sakanfish.Do not claim the art as your own.Models like these take a lot of time, taking up to six months depending on workload and placement on the list.Please do not rush us, updates will come after every major change.If there is any problems with the model as told by the rigger, we’d be more than happy to fix whatever is needed with communications with them.